Rockin’ with the Roctane

Australian Road Rider has recently returned from the launch of the BMW R 18 Roctane, which included a ride up and down the Putty Road, one of Sydney’s best riding roads.


It was a blast. you’ll be able to read the full story of the launch and details of the bike in issue 175.
Now cruisers aren’t usually a whole lot of fun on winding roads – especially those damaged by flooding in recent years and poor maintenance over the decades due to poor finding, but the new heavyweight bagger was actually a fun ride.
Sure, I ran out of cornering clearance, felt like a windsock at times and found the seat to be too low for my lanky frame and legs, but despite all this I enjoyed the ride.

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Here’s how BMW describe the bike:
The new BMW R 18 Roctane, the fifth member of BMW Motorrad’s renowned cruiser family, has launched in Australia.
As with its stablemates, the BMW R 18 octane harks back to the history and tradition of BMW Motorrad while delivering state-of-the-art motorcycle technology with the design and charm of times gone by.
Both technically and visually, the BMW R 18 borrows from famous BMW models such as the BMW R 5 and puts the focus back on the essentials of motorcycling: purist, no-frills technology and the boxer engine as the epicentre of riding pleasure.
Its classic design and clear, yet contemporary technology merge to form a compelling overall package.
The combination delivers a unique emotional riding experience and an aesthetic that is characterised by skilfully staged design language.
Most powerful BMW boxer engine of all time delivers beefy torque
The heart of the new BMW R 18 Roctane is the celebrated 2-cylinder flat twin engine, also known as the “big boxer”.
Finished in Avus black metallic matt and with black high-gloss covers, the engine evokes the traditional air-cooled boxer engines that have provided an exhilarating riding experience for more than seven decades since BMW Motorrad began manufacturing motorcycles in 1923.

Check out my interview and some ride shots with Roland Stocker, the bike’s Project Manager for BMW…