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Issue 165 April/May 22

Back to Bali

Great article and well written.  I have ridden around Indonesia a few times it really is an unforgettable adventure

– Steve Sherwell

Issue 164 Feb/Mar 22


Hi Brian,
Congratulations on one of the really great articles that you’ve written. My Rocket may soon become the anti-hero of the wokes. Makes me smile.
The sound of an ebike going through a tunnel will be so exciting!

Cheers, take care, Reg Wilkinson.

North By Northwest

I reckon Australia has some good rides, but this ride is so much longer, more of everything!  Definitely made me want to work out how to do a similar trip.
Would be good to see a short trip summary table: number of days, km per day, rating of riding and few word description/highlights of each day or group of days.

– Russ

Interesting idea about the two-up day rides and short trip summary. I’ll consider how that could be incorporated into travel stories. – NP

Dog on Tour

Another great ARR story. I’ll be following Jess and Moxies ride on their website etc.

– Anon.

Sidecar Expedition

Excellent article in all aspects. I have known Phil for many years and the man has had wide experience in many adventurous world wide forays. A prime example of “Life was meant to be lived”. Thanks RR.

– Jeff Mackereth


A great story. Yes patience equals reward.

– Brad Clements


About time a journalist finally called Harley out for its clandestine dumping of the Sportster.
Nothing against the new bike but it ain’t no Sportser.
The true Sportster didn’t get any grace or respect in its death.

– Fatso Jas

I’ll be very interested in your take on the Sportster S launch report in the next issue – Nigel Paterson.


What a great story. Sorry about the late reply but catching up with my reading while getting through our COVID infection. As I would like to add my thoughts as both my 41 yr old daughter and son-in-law bought LAM bikes in 2020/21 because they couldn’t travel to the UK to see my ex and they went through the unbelievable SA licensing system. They both persevered with it  and the son-in-law just upgraded to a MT09 last week. They are turning out to be good riders and I have done Breakie’n’bikes with them and my son at the Bend twice now and now I am thinking about doing the introductory half day rider training on my GS.
On the other hand, my wife who has not riden since the mid-70’s when she had a XL250 could hop on my 1200GS and ride away without any retraining. Is there something wrong in that as I am continually told that the biggest risk group is those of us who return to riding after a long break like I did when I was 60. Luckily I did Mary Lou’s rider training at Strathalbyn when I started again. As prior to that I had a 20 yr break and took up road cycling but after two major crashes and the last one a hit’n’run I am now scared off cycling for good except for the occasional ride on my Mt Bike.
I’m now working on getting my wife to ride pillion on the GS with her two new titanium hip joints as she has only ever riden two up on our tandem race bike years ago. (I can still recall the screams when riding downhill on the Southern Freeway Amy Gillett ride years ago at 75km/h). I once got the Tandem up to 95 km/h downhill but not with her on the back.
So thanks for the last issue’s article on riding two up. By the way we are both 68 this year.

– Bruce Coleman

scooter test

Nice story on a great bike BUT can you also do the same article on the BMW C400GT Grand Tourer? It’s a great bike for touring not just city riding. Some great touring scooters out there for us older riders in the market.
– John

Great to see some positive feedback regarding scooter testing. If we get the opportunity to ride the BMW, be assured we will. – NP

Issue 163 Dec 21/Jan 22 

The Worst Ride

It’s not often I see my home town of Charlton mentioned in your magazine, so I enjoyed the references. As it happens 1977 was when I bought my first motorbike – a Kawasaki Z400, much tamer than the widowmaker. I recall all the small towns mentioned on the road from Melbourne and Charlton, almost all if which are bypassed now. The Charlton roadhouse where your bike spent a week awaiting repairs, however, is still going strong.

A minor point: you have confused Wedderburn with Wycheproof as the next town north of Charlton and halfway to Mildura.

– Brad Cossar

Mr Completely

An interesting story of a quirky persona. Piqued my interest on Moto Guzzies too and how a young person was able to travel South Africa. I liked it because hardly do we see articles about Moto Guzzies. Great article!

– Mick Gram

Riding the Nullabor

Well done Chris & Carmen!
You’re a natural for doing ride reports