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Issue 162 Oct/Nov 2021

Harley-Davidson Pan America Test

Great article, keep up the good work, even if we can’t get out and ride the articles keep us hoping. BTW, the front of the new Harley looks a lot like an old fashioned Hoover upright vacuum cleaner, esp the light. Just sayin’ an all.

–John Begg


Good coverage usual, easy read. Obviously a longer ride will come for a real off road picture. It looks big & heavy, but a ride will tell. Good on HD for giving us some non EU competition.



Excellent review, simple and easy to understand. If it was a motor cycle Top Gear I would definitely watch it.

Good work guys.

–Mark Fleming


Suzuki Hayabusa

Great review of an awesome bike!

– John Rees


Owned a Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 for 7 years, love these type of bikes.

–Michael Skepper


Another great review by Phil James. Worth the sub price for ARR just to read his stuff. He covers everything and provides context and proper, grown-up analysis of the bike and its strengths/weaknesses, and place in the market etc. Very rare these days, especially in the motorcycle world. And all in a well written, well structured and easy to read format. Keep it up fellas! Can’t be easy these days.

–Matt JC


Well probably I rate the story highly becoz I have a series 1 and a series 2.




Love the read, my K 1300 R is fast enough for me in Tas. I’d have problems with my licence and ability.

Great job as is, keep it up.

–Name withheld


Loved this bike review! For once it didn’t read like a re-worded PR pamphlet from the manufacturer. I personally find to many reviews give you the impression the bike is perfect in every way.

Phil James, on the other hand, highlighted the pro’s of this bike but was also willing to talk about it’s limitations as well! I found this article informative but also honest in his appraisal of the ‘bussa. If you’re in the market for a bike like this but not sure… this article would be good place to start from!

–Peter Aitchison


BMW R 1250 GS Test

Simply the best motorcycle for general touring on both dirt and Blacktop. I consider the bike to heavy for trail work unless your young and fit. With ownership of two GS MODELS .. 2005 and 2013 I simply cannot advise for a better touring machine.This bike does it all though those vertically challenged may struggle slightly… The difference between the early GS than the LC is quite different with a turn in level being more precise..on the LC model.. No issues and a bike that brings a smile as soon as you commence riding.

– Stuart Cameron


Factual, honest and accurate review.

–Name withheld


Sumba Tour

Not all rides work out how you planned. Loved reading how this trip unfortunately turned to custard.

– Dominic Graham


What’s with all the QR codes

Works well, will check some others out. Great idea.



Cool idea more bang for your money

– Dwayne


It’s annoying having QR codes with every story and a prompt to comment. Why don’t you revive the readers comment column for general feedback? I’m interested in reading about motor bikes and not interested in being part of a focus group for every story presented.

As a long time subscriber I would like to see less travel stories and more road bike information.

Thank you

–Brad Fry

Hi Brad – the QR code experiment is underway, and maybe we will reduce the number of codes we publish over time – it will depend on the responses we get – Ed.


More information is for the better.

–Name withheld


Good idea. QR Codes are a quick and easy way to get more information on articles or ads that are of interest.

–Jeff Rosen


Good explanation, thanks Nigel.

–Name withheld


Why not, info at my finger tips.

–Dave Grassby



Totally sick of hearing about covid. Andrews, that so-called Premier of Victoria has stuffed up my family so I say to you it’s just a topic Road Rider should never cover. When you are P Plate cop it sweet, we did!

Great article very informative!

–Mick Hutchison


Complex issue for editorial; in relation to low road toll I think you undervalued Covid lockdowns, border closers and then issue of technology advances on bikes. Licence testing is but one many factors.

More facts re NSW young people losing licence: what, a learner speeding up to 15km/h above limit? A full licensed rider with all points can also lose licence in a single event: 45km/h over limit, say 157km/h on freeway or far west NSW county road! My view is if your moving about 44m/sec you should be on the track or going V2 on an Airbus.


In NSW, all speeding offences committed by a learner or P1 (red P-plate) attract at least 4 points, resulting in licence suspension – Ed.


Very valid points raised. The laws associated with getting a Motorcycle Licence is far too difficult. The government is assuming that all people are idiots! It’s biased against motorcycle riders

–David M Cauchi

Quad Lock

This sounds like a great option for me.

– Brad