Vintage Morris

Former Road Rider columnist, actor, television host and author Lester Morris has published more of his old tales, neatly packaged up and easy to read in Vintage Morris, Volumes 1 & 2.

If you enjoy a good story, Morris has a few for you. More than a few — two books full! Indeed, the two books represent more than 150 columns published across 18 different motorcycle magazines since the 1960s. Most of those magazines are no longer.

Volume One starts in 1947, when Lester bought his first bike, and runs through to 1968, when he gave up the trade to become and actor/singer and stage director. Well, he thought he had. Lester is still involved in the motorcycle industry more than 50 years later. There are stories about big bikes, little bikes, bikes that never made it into production and any number which shouldn’t have. There are stories about people who rode well and those who maybe shouldn’t have ridden at all. And pictures too, not as many as you’ll find in the pages of ARR but quite a few, and of things you maybe didn’t know existed.

Vintage Morris makes for great reading, partly because it’s enjoyable and partly because you’ll gain newfound knowledge about lots of aspects of motorcycles, motorcycling, the industry and the people who ride. Well worth the cost.

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