Barry Sheene’s Duck Lid is Back!

The new AGV X3000 is a modern-day replica of Barry's Scheene's iconic helmet.

A true Rockstar of the sport, Barry Sheene became a household name quickly taking the sport of motorcycle racing into the living rooms of people across the world. The iconic graphic of Barry Sheene from the time of his racing re-released as a tribute to him in a helmet that offers modern-day technology, fit, comfort and safety. The Legends helmets immortalize riders and achievements that will never be forgotten. Comfort, protection and ventilation are key elements of these helmets that meet today’s highest standards.

This limited-edition replica helmet incorporates the iconic lucky number seven that became Barry’s trademark on the track as well as the quirky Duck on the crown of the helmet all tied together with the infamous black and gold graphic.

The RRP is $899 and there’s lots more information at