Control your accessories with a Thunderbox

The mess of wires around my battery was a visible representation of Bad News — something was bound to go wrong. I was soon going to find myself with fuses blowing, a phone not charging, a flat battery or worse.

I went looking for a terminal block suitable for a bike, but found something better, which not only cleaned up the connections, but controls the power to my accessories too.

I’ve added USB charging for the phone and GoPro, a TomTom Rider 550 GPS unit, Venture Heat electric liner, and it was all running off the battery. Not good. Installing a ThunderBox was the answer. Obviously not named by an Aussie (there’s no dunny involved), this is HealTech’s power distribution module.

HealTech describes the ThunderBox thus: “Safeguards the process of connecting aftermarket electronic accessories (such as extra running lights, heated grips, GPS, phone charger, extra gauges and any other powered devices) to your vehicle. It acts as an automatic and easy-to-handle power distributor between the battery and the accessories. With the quick connect terminal blocks supplied, the installation process is speedy and simple, requiring no tools or specialist knowledge.”

For me it worked exactly that way. I was able to run the accessories into the tool-free connector boxes and then connect the ThunderBox to the battery.

The ThunderBox doesn’t power your accessories unless the bike is running, so leaving something like a GPS connected can’t flatten your bike’s battery. Once running, the ThunderBox powers everything up so you’ll have maximum cranking potential available to start your bike without anything unnecessarily drawing power.

There are two versions available: one takes four accessories and offers 16-amp output, the other eight accessories for 2 x 16-amp output. There’s also an optional weatherproof USB charger.

  Nigel Paterson

REVIEW UNIT: Purchased by reviewer

PRICE: RRP: TB-U01 (16 amp) $138.60,
TB-U02 (2 x 16 amp) $176.90