Forcite updates its smart helmet

Aussie tech start-up Forcite has released the Mk1S, an updated version of its ground-breaking smart helmet.


The new helmet is available for pre-order now, priced at $1299, with deliveries expected to start in June.
“Where others use clumsy clip-ons to shoehorn tech into their helmets, we’ve honed every part of the Forcite MK1S to create the next generation of smart helmet,” says company founder and CEO Alfred Boyadgis.

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“We captured thousands of points of on-road feedback sent in by Forcite MK1 riders. Our design engineers used this info to craft more luxurious padding, high-end audio and to improve camera quality in the Forcite MK1S. Our rider alert system and peripheral LED display is even more dialled into real time road conditions, helping riders keep themselves safe. These are the most advanced Forcite helmets we’ve ever created. Motorcyclists are going to love them.”

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The new helmet is the culmination of a team of 10 Forcite design engineers spending two years, creating dozens of prototypes and investing over $10 million in R&D to create the MK1S.
The technology inside Forcite helmets is found in the carbon fibre shell, while the smart technology is all in the chin piece – camera, LED warning lights, microphone and more. Harmon Kardon speaker drivers provide the audio, and they are positioned in redesigned speaker cavities for better comfort, while the new neck roll design and extendable chin curtain block wind noise more effectively.
The 60fps 1080p camera is improved and footage can be edited and shared via the Forcite App.
Unique to Forcite is the after sales service which will replace the shell if it gets damaged – if an owners returns their helmet to Forcite the team will assess the electronics and salvage what is serviceable and replace what is not at no charge – owners will only have to pay for the replacement shell.
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