Intuitive’s Versatile mounts

Intuitive Cube has a bunch of innovative mounts to make it easy to access your phone and mount your GoPro. Although fairly new to Australia, Intuitive Cube was founded in 1977 and has been making phone holders since 2012.

While Cube offer phone cases, there’s also a universal holder which easily slips around your phone’s corners and the Infinity Adaptors, small stick-on mounts.

Combined with a huge range of accessories and a vibration damper to reduce the tingles getting to your phone, Intuitive Cube offers some new and interesting ideas on the best way to carry your tech.


Infinity mounts

Cube uses its Infinity system between the phone and the bike. There’s a range of options – stick on mounts in carbon fibre of brushed metal colours and the Infinity Adaptor Mount and Adaptor kit, which lets you mount your phone on any hard surface (we used the stick-on Infinity Mount in a car).

You can stick an Infinity Mount on the back of your phone or phone’s case. Alternatively you can use an Infinity Cube case with integrated mount or the Universal Holder, which has silicone straps to hold the phone snugly and an infinity adaptor to mount on the bike.

If you don’t want to be stuck with using a case with a mount (from Intuitive or anyone else), this is a great system.

Carbon mount_1200938 copy

X-Guard Handlebar Mount

The X-Guard handlebar mount is a compact mount with a ball-and-socket head which holds your phone low – which means it doesn’t block the view of your instruments.

It’ll fit bars from 20-36mm, has a locking mechanism to prevent accidental removal and the ball joint means its easy to get a great viewing angle. Allows portrait or landscape viewing.


Mount A+

With its long pivoting arm extending from the mount, and roating plate at its base, the Mount A+ can be positioned in a huge variety of ways. 

It can show your phone in landscape or portrait views and is perfect for the GoPro mount. I found I could position the GoPro for selfies and straight out pointing forward, quickly and easily (although changes of mount position require an allen key, supplied).

The Mount A+ also has a locking mechanism to prevent your device coming off when it’s not supposed to. 

There’s a variety of versions of the Mount A+: standard handlebars, small tube (scooter mirrors) and a mirror bolt mount version (which can be used on your steering stem with the Stem Hole Adaptor ($19.95).

_1200953 _1200975

3-Axis shock absorber

When the stabiliser in my iPhone 12 died, I took it back to Apple for warranty – and they asked me if I had mounted in on a motorcycle or bicycle. Turns out this is a common problem, so Infinity Cube built the X-Guard 3-Axis shock absorber, which mounts between the pivot plate and base of the Mount A+.

Using five vibration damping airbags (one in the centre and four others surrounding) the 3-Axis Shock Absorber reduces the vibration and shocks of riding to your phone.

Vibration damper_1200989

Other accessories 

Infinity Cube has a huge range of other X-Guard accessories. There’s a drop-proof holder, belt clips, a tripod adaptor, a sports armband, suction mounts and even a splash-proof bag designed to keep your phone dry.


More Information


X-Guard Handlebar Mount $44.95
Mount A+ $74.95
X-Guard Cases $39.95
Infinity Lock $19.95
Infinity Adaptor + $14.95
Vibration damper $24.95
Drop-proof holder $14.95
Universal Holder $44.95
GoPro adaptor $24.95