Metzeler introduces Track Day rubber

With the growing popularity of track days, Metzeler has responded with a new tyre which doesn’t need warmers and is bi-directional for extended life.

Aimed at track day and club racers, the new Racetec TD slick is a ‘plug-and-play’ tyre – no fancy suspension set-ups, no tyre warmers and excellent value for money.

The Racetec TD is claimed to have fast warm-up with resistance to cold tearing, uniform behaviour throughout its life – many tyres lose performance when heated then cooled repeatedly – and the rears are reversible, so if your track is hard on one side of the tyre it can be flipped to get the wear out of the other side.

Metzeler Racetec TD tyres are manufactured in sizes to suit most sportsbikes – just 120/70-17 front, and four sizes from 180-200 rears.

racetec-td-slick racetec-td-slick-2