Staintune back manufacturing

Sandy Campbell and Adam Greenwood at the new factory with one of the new crew, Dan.

Iconic Australian exhaust manufacturer Staintune is back producing pipes in a new factory outside Newcastle. 

The brand has been purchased by Torqit, a manufacturer of exhaust systems and electronics for the 4WD industry. 

Initially building pipes to suit the popular big singles and adventure tourers Australia loves – DR650, KLR650 and others – Staintune hopes to have mufflers for classic bikes and other machines available soon with a new crew being trained by former owners Sandy Campbell and Adam Greenwood.

The new owners have some vision to take the brand to a bigger and better future.

Torqit does a lot of work with the off road car market, and sees a big future in the motorcycle adventure market. 

The team is working with local tuners to develop new systems into the future. 

Primarily a designer and importer of product, Torqit is building a new facility to manufacturer more and more of its own systems. 

COVID-19 exposed some weaknesses in the supply chain so having its own production facility became a priority. 

With Sandy and Adam looking to exit the industry and Torqit looking for skills, machinery and new markets, the deal was done. 

Staintune’s website.