Idiot-proof gear indicator

Idiot-proof gear indicator

Want a fast, reliable gear position indicator that is virtually plug-in and go? Try the third generation GIpro-X, which is not only tiny but easy to mount on the instrument cluster using a bike-specific wiring loom. Choose from red, blue, green and yellow LED display behind a clear front face. The GIpro-X fits all bikes with electronic analogue or digital readout speedos and if you must fiddle with buttons, programmable shift light and high-speed warning features are included. Rugged and totally waterproof, it comes with a two-year warranty. The GIpro-X with harness costs $169.00 and $NZ219.00, including GST. For more info, contact Australian Motorcycle Components Pty Ltd (07)54551 8733, In New Zealand, contact (09)887 0378,


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