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Here’s a rundown of the state of the new French law requiring all (but not really all, see below) motorcyclists to wear fluoro orange or yellow, from a French blogger on […]


More motor clothes

More motor clothes John reports on his pick of the H-D range Anyone who rides knows very well that appropriate and correctly fitted riding gear is an essential part of motorcycling. It’s just not something […]

Travel Stories

Quick head-clearer

Upper Murray meander What do you do when the bushfires have gone? Here’s James Farley’s answer I had been sitting around for days watching the smoke haze sit on top of my house, wondering when […]


Honda CBF1000

This bike has nothing to fear but a Bandit Smart and well styled, with a terrific engine and an equally good gearbox, the CBF is a bike we’ve been waiting for. But lurking by the […]

No Picture

Road Rider Blog

The Bear – Tuesday, September 29, 2009 A helmet is a helmet is a helmet – as long as it’s approved? No, not really. Here is a fascinating story from the New York Times, sent […]


Aprilia SL750 Shiver

Fast track The Aprilia boogie, with a lighter beat Its looks might make you think, but there is nothing unusual about the design of the Aprilia Shiver. Upside-down forks, multi-faceted headlight, trellis frame, exhausts under […]

Cruiser Bikes

Customising 301

Roll ’em! Apart from a full-tilt flames and skulls paint job or stretching your forks, there isn’t much that’ll change the look of your ride so dramatically as a set of new wheels. But where […]

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Riding Sabah

Bagaimana hendak ke sana?* Good question, that; for the answer, just read on Words: Peter Thoeming Photos: Simon Hohnen Life is everywhere in Sabah, in the north of Borneo. Visibility, unfortunately, isn’t. At the moment […]


Idiot-proof gear indicator

Idiot-proof gear indicator Want a fast, reliable gear position indicator that is virtually plug-in and go? Try the third generation GIpro-X, which is not only tiny but easy to mount on the instrument cluster using […]