An Even Faster Super Duke

Potentially the ballsiest naked bike ever mass produced, the 2021 Super Duke RR is KTM’s answer to those who believe the too much is never enough.


As if the stock 1290 R was too heavy, KTM’s shaved off 9kg thanks to carbon fibre bodywork and a standard titanium and carbon Akropovic pipe.

There’s 180hp (132kW) and 140Nm available through the quick return ride-by-wire throttle and top feeder 56mm throttle bodies.

PHO_BIKE_DET_1290-sdrr-21-swingarm_#SALL_#AEPI_#V1 PHO_BIKE_DET_1290-sdrr-21-engine_#SALL_#AEPI_#V1

Other features include an air intake positioned between the headlight sections, titanium valves, redesigned heads and pistons, a Pankyl gearbox, slipper clutch and more.

As you’d expect there’s a full suite of modes and electronics, all updated for the RR.


The chassis features a WP 30-position steering damper, a lightweight (850g) carbon fibre subframe underlay, a lightweight single-sided swingarm, new lighter triple clampss, WP Apex Pro suspension: closed-cartridge 7548 forks and 7746 shock, complete high high and low speed compression damping.

PHO_BIKE_DET_1290-sdrr-21-footpegs_#SALL_#AEPI_#V1 PHO_BIKE_DET_1290-sdrr-21-shock_#SALL_#AEPI_#V1

The footpegs are machined aluminium and are adjustable to 12 positions. There’s 320mm Brembo Stylema monobloc callipers to pull you up, too.

Available from June 2021: $38,400 Ride Away in Australia.

Highlights from the press release:

• The most powerful V-Twin engine to ever power a naked motorcycle
• 180 hp and 180 kg give the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE RR a 1:1 power/weight ratio
• New WP APEX PRO suspension and Michelin Power Cup2 tyres
• New carbon fiber bodywork
• Lightweight lithium-ion battery, saving 2.5 kg
• Ultra-lightweight forged wheels, saving 1.5 kg of unsprung weight
• Carbon fiber subframe with a redesigned single seat
• Prototype-inspired CTG
• Exclusive KTM PowerParts package
•  Limited to only 500 units worldwide

PHO_BIKE_DET_1290-sdrr-21-subframe_#SALL_#AEPI_#V1 KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE RR Action-2 PHO_BIKE_90_RE_1290-sdrr-21-90re_#SALL_#AEPI_#V1