We don’t know much, but we know it will be here in January – an all-new Honda CBR600RR.

This new Supersport will feature all new electronics, more power and improved aerodynamics including MotoGP-inspired winglets.

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Here’ more from the press release:

The performance output demonstrated by previous models has been further improved.  The upgraded aerodynamics and electronics have greatly contributed to enhancing the personality of the CBR600RR. Honda’s new CBR 600RR is developed for riders who appreciate quality and performance.

The all new CBR600RR is inspired by racing greatness and built for the road.  Enjoy Honda’s handling through the winding hills or on the racetrack. It’s built to ride on our open roads and is nimble and agile enough to navigate swiftly through our cities. It’s a sports bike that performs, handles and stops like a race bike!

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