An electric bicycle

I own two bicycles, mainly as a result of sorting pedals for children a few years back… the kids have grown up and moved on and I’m left with the pedal power.

I don’t like pedalling much, but I know, at 57, if I don’t exercise enough I won’t be riding motorcycles as I start to get old… of course I’m not old yet, for no one admits to being old until they really start to feel it.
And I’m still playing baseball, riding pushbikes and doing yoga. Not enough, but I’m doing those things.
And that exercise is so I can keep riding motorcycles.

Yamaha eMTB

When I think about the great things I’ve done in my life, the motorcycle journeys are major highlights. We can argue about what’s more important, having kids or winning the chook raffle or finishing that weekend tantric sex retreat, but for me it’s the bike trips around the country and across the world which are the highlights.
Besides, I’m not having any more kids and I don’t bother buying raffle tickets these days. I was joking about the tantric weekend, but maybe…
Anyway, back to bikes.
I want an electric pushbike. Conventional treadlies are too hard, motorcycles too easy… I’m wondering if something which requires energy to use but doesn’t kill me up the hills like my pushbikes do will be more fun and therefore get more use than other forms of exercise. I’d sure like to try.
The cheaper end of electric bikes are now under $1000 – I paid more than that for each of the two mountain bikes I bought!
Knowing me I’ll spend the next 12 months procrastinating over what to buy, then make an impulse buy when the bank account feels healthy and the shiny baubles in an ad overpower my willpower and I click on ‘Buy Now’.
In the meantime I’ll keep trying to stay at least as fit as I currently am, for I can still ride motorcycles for long days and back up for more – something I want to be able to do for many more years to come.