Motocell Lithium Batteries 

With a weight saving of up to 8kg over standard batteries, uparralled options for custom mounting and strong, efficient and reliable starting, lighting and ignition power, Motocell batteries offer a high-tech option to run your bike electrical system.

Motocell Lithium Motorcycle Batteries are one of the lightest lithium batteries on the market, weighing in from as little as 200 grams – you can reduce up to two-thirds of the weight of a lead-acid equivalent. 

Fitted with three-position brass terminals they are easily fitted into the factory position, or mount them under seats, in battery trays, under swing arms, pretty much any position you can imagine. The state-of-the-art extra tough nylon outer casing is completely weatherproof and offers extreme levels of durability, while monitoring the level of charge in your Motocell Lithium battery has never been easier thanks to the integrated LCD battery charge indicator. 

From RRP $197.90

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