Better Safe


Security is one of those things we all tend to push to the back of our minds because it can be just too hard.

Well, here’s an easy, simple step you can take for less than $60 – buy a Xena XA210 intruder alarm. There’s no installation except for putting a screw into the wall to hang it from and its operation is not complicated. Just press the “arm” button on the supplied key tag when you leave your garage or workshop and the “disarm” button when you come back.

The $59 alarm has a range of about six metres and uses and infra-red sensor, so it works just as well in the dark as in the light.

The unit runs on batteries, so it does not need to be wired in and is not dependent on household power supply. It has quite a noisy siren (and an even noisier one is available as an accessory) that will scare the living daylights out of your cat. I know, I’m using it and my cats are not enjoying the experience. I am, though, with a greater feeling of security.

Xena security devices are imported by Wayne Gardner Enterprises, 02 4226 2999.