Ear Cannon Air Horn


You’ll laugh into your helmet when you see a
startled driver look around wide-eyed for the 18-wheeler that isn’t there.
Trust me, this experience is so entertaining, it’s almost mean – and it happens
nearly every time. The Ear Cannon is a full-power locomotive and ocean
liner-type air horn squeezed into a bike-mountable package. Totally overkill,
until you need to wake up a lethal driver. It combines ear-splitting high and
low tones in one compact unit with plenty of oomph to get noticed. The 139dB
dual blasters combine via air induction to cut through the din and make the
most distracted of drivers drop their mobile phones and pay attention. Installs
easily on all bikes in a 110 x 110 x 75mm space. This is the loudest motorcycle
horn available. If Ethel Merman, Sam Kinison and John Philip Sousa ever had a
band, and played through a wall-of-sound amp rack, it would sound like this. #3837 $US37.00
, wiring kit #3839 $US12.00