Part-Time Bags


Look, we can understand you might not want to fit permanent panniers to your bike. For one thing, it makes the package a bit wide for the traffic on the way to work…

So throwover bags make a lot of sense. And as it happens, Bagster has just added to the choices you have with its Touring saddle bags, intended for roadsters and touring bikes.

The bags are designed to match the look of the bike and are available in a range of colours. The removable rain cover is integrated in a pocket and elastic straps inside hold the contents in place. A muffler pad is available as an option if you’re worried about heat. The bags can be worn as a backpack, too. Volume ranges from 25 to 39 litres.

As mentioned above, Bagster products are available from all good bike shops. See the Carlisle Tyres & Accessories website at for more information.