Stay warm with Venture Heat electric riding gear

The thermal liner inside your winter jacket might be good, but when it’s really cold there’s no substitute for electric heating.


Venture Heat is an American company making a variety of 12 volt electric riding gear liners and gloves to make even the coldest ride comfortable.
Build as a system, each piece you add to your collection connects to other parts to reduce cable clutter, yet it all runs off your bike’s electrical system.
You’d start with the Deluxe Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner which connects to the power system easily when you mount your bike. If you add the Venture Heat pants just add a ‘Y’ adaptor to the power plug to have heat running up to the jacket and down to the pants.
Inside the jacket liner sleeves and at the bottom of the pants are more connectors, for the Venture Heat winter gloves and heated sock liners.

Ventura Heat is quick to point out by using the bike’s battery, you aren’t limited by batteries going flat and how there are more heating elements spread around the chest, back, neck and other areas than in a battery-powered solution.
The technology in the Deluxe Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner’s heating elements comprises industry-leading carbon-fibre panels that can bend, twist and fold without the risk of damage because they’re wire-free.
Includes a battery harness and an integrated wireless handlebar-mounted remote to conveniently control three heat settings (you can also operate the jacket liner via the button on the front-left flap).

GT-40 features

Slim, form-fitting design fits under regular motorcycle jacket
Flexible, ultra-thin heating elements
Nylon outer shell
Fleece-lined collar
Stretch-elastic sides
Pre-wired glove connectors
Power outlet connects to pant liners
12V DC power
84 Watts (7 Amps) power consumption
Warranty: 12 months on clothing, six months on batteries
Available in sizes XXS-4XL

12V heated jacket liner
1x wireless remote
1x battery harness with safety fuse kit

$279 (free shipping in Australia)
Available in sizes XXS-4XL

$239 Heated liner pants
$119 Heated sock liners
$229 Heated touring vest liner
$155 Heated motorcycle glove liners
$249 Heated motorcycle touring gloves
$239 Heated motorcycle carbon gloves
$249 Heated motorcycle hybrid gloves

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