Ugly Fish Peeper Protection


When we got invited to the Australian launch of the new Royal Enfield 650 twins [#151] I dug out my coolest open-face lid then looked around for some worthy eyewear to go with it. I’d seen the Ugly Fish stand at the last Sydney Bike Expo and gave them a shout to see if they’d like to furnish me with a pair of their excellent looking and protective motorcycle sunnies.


Ugly Fish make a ton of different styles for everything from fishing to workplace safety or simply lounging in the sun drinking a cold one. They have plenty of motorcycle specific frames ranging in price from 60 to 150 bucks which feature shortened arms to better fit inside a lid (also interchangeable with a supplied head strap if you’d prefer) as well as an insert which snaps into the glasses creating a seal between your face and the outside world, kinda like miniature goggles. It’s a very effective and simple to install system .

There’s a wide choice of lens colours as well as a photochromic version and prescription lenses can be attached too. The advantage being they sit behind the Ugly Fish lenses so are less likely to be damaged. 

I chose the Ultimate RSP707 model with matt black frame and anti-fog, shatterproof, polarised smoked lenses which retails for $149.95. 

They’re very comfortable to wear with no pressure points from the arms or where the solid frame sits on your nose. With or without the insert seal they do a great job of keeping all the flying things in nature out of your eyes, including debris thrown up from bikes in front, although of course I’m rarely behind anyone for long when there’s motorcycle journo pride at stake…which is always.

If your bag is wearing shades when you ride it makes sense to buy something that’s specific to the job as well as having extra safety features, and these seem like a perfect solution. For a butchers at the entire range go to their website.

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