Wet Wet Not – Waterproof over-pants that actually stay waterproof.

Are you sick of arriving with a wet bum/butt?

Do your “waterproof” over-pants leak?

I ride to work every day and I was always complaining about my leaky waterproof over-pants.

Turns out the other people at my work who ride motorcycles all have exactly the same problem. All six of them!

Between us, we’ve tried everything. Taping up the seams, putting vinyl glue over the stitching, even wearing two pairs, but nothing stops the water getting in.

Normal waterproof pants were not designed for motorcycle riders, they were designed for hikers or golf-players… people who are standing up.

They have a ‘traditional’ pants design.

The problem: traditional wet pants won’t keep you dry.


If you’re wearing jeans right now, take a look down. You’ll notice that there’s a seam running up each inside leg, and seams from front to back, forming a ‘+’ in the middle.

Now push your knees apart, like you’re riding your bike. Notice how much tension is placed on those seams? That’s problem one.

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