Video: Lampkin wheelies entire Isle of Man TT course

Dougie Lampkin, the 12-time Trials World Champion, has become the first person to navigate the entire Isle of Man TT course on just one wheel.

The Isle of Man TT course has been home to many motorcycle feats throughout the years, but until recently, no one had ever managed to complete those 37.7 miles on the rear wheel alone.

When the idea to mono the iconic track in the UK first arose, many claimed that it was not possible, but trials champ Dougie Lampkin proved them wrong live on Red Bull TV.

Lampkin’s first attempt was postponed by 24-hours as 88km/h gale force winds swept over the course. At 5pm, when he finally set off, wind was still a huge problem and the English rider struggled off the line.

“It took a while to sort of settle down a little bit really. I knew I was going too fast.” Dougie explained.

“I was on the brakes too much but still couldn’t sort of stop myself”

As he progressed through the course, Dougie managed to compose himself but was again struck with difficulty when he arrived at the infamous mountain section where he tackled 64km/h gusts of wind.

“And then I had two massive moments at Gooseneck,” said Lampkin. “I just thought we’re going to have a nightmare now, because it’s just so windy.”

After one hour and 35 minutes, Dougie Lampkin crossed the line, and broke a new record on the iconic course. The fans cheered and Dougie celebrated in relief.

“I couldn’t wait for it to be over.” he confessed.