Why every Learner Driver should go with an Accredited Driving Instructor

While taking lessons from an Accredited Driving Instructor are not compulsory in New South Wales, there are several reasons while it is still a good idea why each learner driver should go with one anyway.

Teaching skills

Accredited Driver Instructors are professionals who have developed teaching skills through extensive training and who are continuously being tested for their knowledge of road rules. Parents or that friendly uncle that offers to teach you how to drive, might have years of driving experience, but it is not said that they know all the rules, let alone they are applying them correctly. As a learner driver, you do not want to copy any of their bad habits.

And as you do not have a personal relationship with a professional n instructor, you do not have the disadvantage of taking each other personal frustrations with you. He will not be angry with you for not having done your homework or forgetting to take the bin out. Rather he will do anything to be sure you are at ease while driving the vehicle, which is extremely important to create a save and optimised learning environment.

Structured learning path

Going with an Accredited Driver Instructor means that you will be assessed during an ongoing period of time. You can booked your lessons in advance and your driver instructor comes with his own car available at you convenience, so you do not have to wait for either your parents or their car to be available for you. This means there will be no hold-ups or irregular sessions that will slow down your training. At this stage gaining confidence and experience are the most important things and you can only get this with a structure learning path.

Assess situations

A professional instructor will teach you how to over view dangerous situations and look ahead to assess upcoming hazards. He will show to respond and reduce to possibility of accidents. Too often, learners have been taught how to manoeuvre a car or how to apply the road rules, but how to remain calm and to make to right decision under pressure is something that they simply have not come across while going with their parents teaching them how to drive.

Fully insured

An Accredited Diver Instructor will have his own car available for taking the driving courses. This will include full car insurance which insures the vehicle  against all possible damages and serious personal injuries. You do not have to be afraid of smashing your parents’ car or that of your best friend, only to find out that you are underinsured. The consequences of this can be immense and can haunt you for years to come. A driver instructor’s can even come installed with extra brake system so the instructor can intervene to avoid any car accidents.

Learning how to drive from an Accredited Driver Instructor not only gives you more confidence as he tries to create the most convenient teaching environment as possible, but in the long run you will just be a better equipped driver.