Street bike suspension set-up is key for performance and safety. Every bike needs to be set up for the rider’s weight and adjusted for different riding conditions and load changes.

Slacker makes it super simple for any rider to make these adjustments quickly and with absolutely no assistance!

The new Slacker Virtual Remote (shown here with optional smartphone bar mount or optional wireless remote) is now available as a standalone remote or included with our Service Assistant app for iOS and Android. Now you can use your phone as a remote display, and save measurements directly to your set-up notes (Service Assistant only).

Display on Road Bar

The unit is really easy to use with or without an assistant, has an auto zero feature for use without a paddock stand, is supplied with a universal mounting for use on forks and shocks, is the best way to set up SFF and TAC air forks, fits nearly everything from 65cc motocross bikes up to Superbikes, and can even be adapted to mountain bikes.

It’s priced at $249.95 and you’ll find more info here.