Duuing the job


Australia, the wait may soon be over …

But then we’ve said that before.

“Ah, Bear,” said CR&S founder Roberto Crepaldi. “It’s good to see you. You know, since you put our bike on the cover of your magazine (Cruiser+Trike No.2 Vol.2) we have had more interest in the Duu from Australia than from the United States! In fact, we have six firm orders.”

Six firm orders? Does that mean you finally have an Australian distributor?

“We’re talking to two guys, one from Victoria and one from Queensland.”

As usual, the CR&S Motorcycles stand at Milan was packed with keen punters, and although there were a couple of examples of the older, single-cylinder Vun (“One” in the Milanese dialect) on display, they were various permutations of the Duu (“Two”), which was the real attraction. Roberto has no doubt he has tapped into a rich vein of interest that the major manufacturers just don’t seem to be able to reach, or even understand. He explained the philosophy behind the Duu.

“The world is changing, bikers too. We, the bikers, are looking for a wider freedom tool for sharing different experiences for a longer period, a tool which follows our growth. No more ‘Model Year’ motorcycles, no more trendy motorcycles, just real motorcycles for real motorcyclists,” he reckons.

“We want to expand the biker’s search about hedonism, aesthetic pleasure and deep sensations without losing the target of fun, safety, flexibility and excellent riding performances. When we have started (sic) the DUU project, we have thought about the unique bike to be kept in our ideal garage…
“The CR&S DUU is a unique model…it was born in the CR&S workshop, the small Milanese factory, which is known for the refinement and the exclusivity of its own creations. But above all, for the first time, two motorcyclist excellences are gathered: Italian design for a sporty rolling chassis, powered by a muscular American S&S Cycles ‘X-Wedge’ 4 stroke, 56°, V-twin. The big displacement engine’s attraction, and particularly its muscular torque, doesn’t have any equivalent at all. One look at the engine’s fins is enough to be seduced by such a pure shape, devoid of radiator. And for a lot of motorcycle fans, the air-cooling system and the pushrod distribution are elements issued from a rich historical past.”

Roberto continues: “But it is not a model born only for the huge American open roads. The chassis and its handling performances are much more evolved than what can be thought (sic). These parts have been engineered and designed to warrant a complete riding satisfaction on every kind of route, even on fast bends or mountainous narrow roads. The DUU is an innovative motorcycle, ‘modular and muscular’, with durable materials and components…
“There are two standard versions: solo ‘deperlù’ and twin-seater ‘conlatusa’, both available with 5 or 6 speed. The Duu, as with every CR&S motorcycle, is fully customisable on customer’s request (sic). For instance, storage accessories can be added, or the riding position can be modified, or the suspensions can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.

“Several motorcycle configurations are available, from a tough streetfighter to a smooth tourer. All easy adaptable by yourself (sic) starting from the Duu standard configuration.

“Finally graphics. Not only the bodywork, but each component’s colour and finish can be chosen, from the power train to the chassis and the wheels. I forgot, sorry, a customised engraved silver plate gives the final touch…”

The warranty is two years with unlimited mileage, while the chassis is guaranteed against corrosion for a lifetime. That’s not all. There is a substantial range of options.

“The options list includes a lot of high-quality hand-made components,” according to Roberto. “For example, the CR&S light alloy, machined-from-billet multi-piece wheels.

“At the beginning of the Duu production, the main technical-aesthetical options will be: the front light, the fake gas tank with storage function, GPS holder and folding windshield (CR&S patent), the passenger comfort seat, the folding passenger back seat, the oil tank with light alloy machined fins, the belly pan, the SBK brake disks, the different seat covers, the aluminum filler cap cover, different chassis finishes, different graphics and body finishes, the power train finishes, bags and more…”

And you’ll never find yourself with an orphan Duu because new accessories no longer fit. “Each new option introduced will be 100 per cent adaptable on each Duu,” Roberto insists.

Now if he can just get that blasted Australian agent sorted out and we can get the first half dozen Duus on the water…