Harley’s Homecoming – win a trip the the factory

The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee.

As part of a global challenge, you have the chance to win a trip to the Harley-Davidson Homecoming next year.

Check out the details in the press release below.


Four-Day Festival in Milwaukee Celebrates Harley-Davidson’s 120th Anniversary and Has Launched the First Phase of The Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming™ Challenge

Harley-Davidson® will celebrate its 120th Anniversary by launching the Harley-Davidson®Homecoming™ event. Harley-Davidson® has also launched a 6-month global challenge, titled “The Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming™ Challenge”, to kick start anniversary celebrations happening in 2023.

Harley-Davidson® Homecoming™ Event

The inaugural four-day festival event will take place at multiple venues throughout the Milwaukee area on July 13-16, 2023, and welcomes riders, enthusiasts, and fans to meet in Milwaukee for a huge annual celebration, filled with music, food and moto-culture.

“We invite everyone, riders, non-riders and fans around the world, to join us in Milwaukee next summer for the Harley-Davidson Homecoming where we will celebrate 120 years of our incredible brand,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “This will be the first in a series of unforgettable annual events in Milwaukee. Stay tuned for more details in coming months, and we look forward to celebrating with you in 2023.”

To find lodging options in Milwaukee visit https://www.visitmilwaukee.org/plan-a-visit/. Camping and RV parking information is available at Wisconsin Campgrounds https://www.wisconsincampgrounds.com/. Note that most reservations are not available to book until one year in advance of event.

The Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming ™ Challenge

Harley-Davidson has launched “The Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming™ Challenge” where riders and non-riders alike, across the world, can participate to earn virtual badges, win daily and monthly prizes and enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a grand prize trip to Milwaukee to participate in the Homecoming event.

The Homecoming challenge aims to excite riders and non-riders with an experience that will reconnect owners with their love of riding and increase engagement with new riders. The challenge runs in three phrases (each phase lasting two months) and will feature new riding challenges and non-tracked engagements in each phase. The challenge reflects the rich heritage and impact of Harley-Davidson over the years and mirrors the personal relationship riders have with their cherished bike. It’s all about the brand’s legendary history, while also looking forward to the future.

Phase one of the challenge – Kickstart the Passion – runs from April 1 – May 31, 2022, and will focus on the beginning of the Harley-Davidson brand in 1903, playing into riders’ first spark with the brand.

The riding challenge in this phase involves a combination of Harley-Davidson App and web activities. To participate, customers have to:

  1. Download the H-D App: Download the Harley-Davidson App from the Apple App Store / Google Play store and begin logging their miles ridden.
  2. Ride & Track Miles: Through the App, track every ride they take, no matter the distance. Even a short commute can count for miles if it’s done on two wheels.
  3. Visit Dealerships: Check-in at Harley-Davidson authorised dealerships for more chances to win.
  4. Visit H-D online: Visit www.H-D.com/ride and complete weekly and monthly activities. While the activities here help fill gaps between rides for riders, it also offers non-riders an opportunity to be involved and win prizes too.

Through the course of the challenge, miles will go towards a rider’s overall total points on the leader board. Non-tracked engagements help to fill activity gaps between rides, playing an important role in connecting on a deeper emotional level with riders by offering an outlet for their voices and opinions. In addition to mileage-based riding challenges, there are other chances for riders to collect virtual badges and enter sweepstakes for the chance to win.

The grand prize that Australia and New Zealand participants will have a chance to win will be a return trip for 2 to attend the 120thHomecoming Celebrations in Milwaukee in 2023. Terms and conditions can be found on www.H-D.com/ride

Details on future phases of the campaign will be released at a later date. For more information regarding The Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming Challenge, visit www.H-D.com/ride