Motorcycle riding and COVID-19 rules easing

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The rules around travel, mixing in groups and exercise are being relaxed because new infections of COVID-19 are well down and within the capabilities of the health system to cope.

Most motorcyclists in Australia can now ride their bikes, within limits.
Many borders are still closed and overnight or longer recreational travel is out, so it’s day rides at best.
Most states are now classifying motorcycling as exercise, so you’re free to get out there.
Soon groups of 10 people will be able to get together for activities while maintaining social distancing and cafes and restaurants will re-open, so getting out there with your mates is something you can start to pencil into the diary.

New South Wales

When Premier Berejiklian told radio 2GB’s Ben Fordham motorcycling was exercise, it effectively gave us all a green light to go riding – she described it as being ‘akin to riding an exercise bike’.
If only that were true, I’d be giving Olympians a run for their money.
So we had a win for a change, thanks to a politician knowing nothing about road riding (or does she think riding down the freeway is like smashing whoops on a Supercross track?).
The Australian Road Rider team has been out riding during the pandemic and none of us have been pulled over or questioned about what we’ve been doing, and we’ve only heard of one rider being busted for riding, and that was back in early April.
From May 15 outdoor gatherings of up to ten people are permitted, cafes and restaurants can seat up to ten people and you’re already able to have two visitors at your house, so think of a good reason to be riding where you’re going and you should be OK.
“The Premier said I could,” should be a last resort, but I’d definitely play the card if it was the last one in the deck.


From Friday May 15, you can do day trips up to 150km in a group of up to ten people. These are recreational day trips only and social distancing rules must be observed – so no hugging!
Restaurants and cafes are able to re-open with up to ten customers, but if you’re planning on riding to your favourite cafe, I’d try to book.
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South Australia

Regional travel has been opened up in SA, as has outdoor dining for cafes and restaurants. Groups of up to ten people are permitted.
Non-essential regional travel within South Australia is no longer discouraged. As such, you can visit regional South Australia for holiday purposes, to visit friends or family, and so forth.
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Restrictions in the Apple Isle start to ease on May 18, but there’s little information about motorcycling or travel specifically mentioned in the Stage One information.
However, what is known is gatherings of 10 people are permitted outdoors (5 visitors to households), so you can certainly ride to visit a friend.
Restaurants and cafes can re-open with up to 10 customers at a time – so you can ride to eat.
If all goes well, on June 15 accommodation providers will have restrictions removed and camping permitted, so you’d have to presume riding anywhere within Tasmania will be OK.


Still at level three lockdown, Victoria is in no hurry to re-open (although there’s an announcement expected soon). We recommend only riding your bike to work, to see your doctor, or for your grocery shopping.

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT has gatherings limited to 10 people no published restrictions on travel, although if you’re a Canberra resident and get stopped in NSW without a good reason it could be a tough conversation. Stay within the ACT boundaries and observe social distancing and you’ll probably be fine.

Northern Territory

Stay out of the restricted biosecurity zones. That’s about it as far was we can tell.

Western Australia

Groups of ten can ride together, but stay within your regions, which are currently being opened up.