Custom, classic and electric motorcycle workshop, Zen Motorcyles, is proud to welcome renowned designer, building expert, TV presenter and certified good bloke, Barry ‘Baz’ Du Bois, to its next Bikes & Beans community event.


On Sunday September 3 – Father’s Day – TV presenter and R U OK? Day board member will be giving a Fireside Chat to inspire riders at Zen Motorcycles’s next Bikes & Beans community event.
In his capacity as an R U OK? Day board member and mental health advocate, Baz will be taking part in a special Father’s Day fireside chat with his fellow riders at the Zen Motorcycles showroom in Alexandria on Sunday 3rd September. Interviewed by Zen Motorcycles co-founder, Bruce Crerar, Baz will offer insight and advice from a career spent in the public eye, and as a cancer survivor.
No stranger to openly sharing his personal story, Barry was keen to spend time with the Sydney riding community.
“One of the great things about motorcycle riding is the camaraderie you form with other riders,” Barry explained.
“For me, riding isn’t just about mobility. It’s about getting out on the road and experiencing things in a visceral way. I’ve often taken a ride to clear my head or be alone with my thoughts. I’ve also relied on the riding community for support – the friends I’ve made through motorcycling are some of the strongest bonds I’ve formed,” he continued.
One of those friends is Zen Motorcycles co-founder, Bruce Crerar, who was excited to chat with Barry at Zen’s next Bikes & Beans meet-up, held on the first Sunday of every month.
“Bikes and Beans has always been about fostering that sense of community and sharing our passion with our fellow riders,” Bruce explained.
“While many may know Baz as a host of the Living Room on TV, I’ve come to know him as a mate. It’ll be great to chat with him about his life and work as a mental health and sustainability advocate, and hopefully show how impactful just having a conversation with someone can be,” he continued.
Zen Motorcyles is at 200 Euston Road, Alexandria, Sydney