Royal Enfield Classic 350

The biggest drawback to riding the old Royal Enfield Classics – both 350 and 500 – was the vibration from their single cylinder engines. The company has fixed this in the new Classic 350 by using the balance-shaft equipped motor from the Meteor, so Australian Road Rider expects the new bik to be a far more pleasant ride.


But it’ll look much the same, because Royal Enfield has put a lot of effort into keeping the style, the feel and the class of the machine the same.
Expect now they come with fuel injection, ABS brakes, a three-year warranty and roadside assistance. It’s a modern package dressed in retro clothes, and suits the sort of rider with a passion for times which are in the past.
Distinguished Gentlepeople, step on up. Royal Enfield has a new motorcycle for you.
It’s no more powerful than the old bike, it’s not significantly lighter, but performance is said to be better because you’ll be more likely to rev the bike harder no it’s not going to feel like you’ll lose teeth to the vibration.
It’s put together better, because Royal Enfield’s quality control is getting better, although it’s still not a match for the Japanese or Europeans… but nor should it be, it’s a different thing, a visceral, interesting thing. One shouldn’t buy a Classic because you need cheap transport (although you could). One shouldn’t buy the Classic because it is more reliable and cheaper than a 60 year old British bike (although you could). One shouldn’t buy a Classic because it’s cheap (although you could).

One should buy a Classic because it’s a nice ride.
Not the fastest ride, not the smoothest ride, not the best handling ride… but maybe, just maybe, the most satisfying ride. That’s going to depend on who you are, what you enjoy, what you’re looking for in a motorcycle.

As an introduction to old-school motorcycles, it’s got the goods. From the saddle seat to the spoked wheels to the air-cooled engine to the acres of chrome, the Classic looks like it’s come from the 1960s, because it has.
And for those who want that, it’s awesome. Maybe perfect. Or maybe it’ll be perfect after some f the many options are fitted.

For those who look at a Royal Enfield Classic with contempt, seeing a brand-new ‘old’ bike which lacks performance, technology, racy style… it’s not for you. There are plenty of machines out there for you, this is simply not one of them. However, when you decide to slow down, to take in the view and ride a motorcycle which exists to provide a ride based around emotion rather than speed, there will be a Royal Enfield Classic happy to take you on that journey.
And it won’t cost much.

Australian prices
Variant Colour Price (Ride Away)
Classic 350 – Halcyon E5 BLACK, GREEN, GREY $7,990
Classic 350 – Signals E5 DESERT SAND, MARSH GREY $8,290
Classic 350 – Dark E5 STEALTH BLACK, GUNMETAL GREY $8,690
Classic 350 – Chrome E5 BRONZE, RED $8,790


  • The Classic Chrome Series - A premium standout edition, the Classic Chrome series reflects the rich look and feel of British motorcycles from the 1950’s. Available in dual-tone colour tanks in two colourways – Chrome Red and Chrome Bronze – the Chrome series bears true insignia of its past with striking tank badges  that were adorned by the Royal Enfield’s of the 1950’s.
  • The Classic Dark Series – A youthful, urban and a custom take on the Classic 350, and comes in Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey colourways. These motorcycles come fitted with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.
  • The Classic Signals series - Available in Marsh Grey and Desert Sand, continues to celebrate Royal Enfield’s association with the armed forces. Each of these motorcycles come with badges and graphics and also bear a unique number that will be stencilled on the tank.
  • The Halcyon series – As the name suggests, is a celebration of the Classic’s legacy and reflects the glorious retro classic look. It is available in Green, Grey and Black colourways.