Royal Enfield’s new Himalayan

120 years of Royal Enfield is being celebrated by the company through the exploration of simple pleasures of ‘pure’ motorcycling. Simple bikes, low prices, moderate performance and easy riding.

Part of this celebration is the introduction of the new Himalayan, a bike which meets the Euro5 requirements which is rapidly becoming the general standard around the world.

Royal Enfield is the #1 brand in the mid range capacities around the world, 250-750cc. Australians are really taking to the brand, with Royal Enfield entering the top 5 brands for the first time.

The 2022 model

“Built for all roads. Built for no roads.” It’s a slogan, sure, but it points to the Himalayan being perfect for adventure touring. It’s worked in Australia too, with over 20 per cent of all Royal Enfield’s sold here being Himalayan.

The new bike features Tripper Navigation, switchable ABS, EFI and lots more.

At its heart it’s still a very simple single cylinder engine in a steel chassis with tall laced wheels, designed to be easy to ride, maintain, inexpensive, reliable.

The 21-inch front and 17-inch rear tyres are standard for the class, there’s plenty of choices available. There’s a 15L tank, which kinda sounds small but the Himalayan is very frugal, so the range isn’t too bad.

Tripper Navigation, which was introduced on the Meteor, means you can put your phone in your jacket pocket yet still get navigation from Google Maps. The compass is still a part of the instruments.

Updates are to the seat, rear carrier, colours and more.

The suspension has also received an upgrade, while the power figures remain much the same despite the move to Euro5.

There’s also a huge range of accessories. Protective gear, luggage and more.


Prices start at $8190 ride away, with a bit more for some of the fancy colours. The prices include a 3 year warranty and 3 years of roadside assistance, so that’s pretty confidence inspiring.

The new Himalayan will be in dealerships in late September.