Responding to user feedback, Triumph has made some tweaks to its shaft-driven triple-pot adventure/touring bikes – both the road-focussed GT and more off-road Rally Pro models.

With a primary aim of making the bikes more refined and nicer to ride, the changes are aimed at improving the motorcycles where they could and adding a few new features.
Possibly the most critical of these is the Active Preload Reduction, which drops the seat height by up to 20mm when coming to a stop, emulating a feature which is becoming common across numerous big adventure bikes with electronically-controlled suspension and makes it much easier to get your feet on the ground.
Active Preload Reduction is now a feature on all the Tiger 1200 range.

Another big change is increased cornering clearance for the GT models – slightly higher and more rearset footpegs offer more clearance for those treating their Tigers like sportsbikes.
The engine has received tweaks to make it feel more refined, which in turn makes riding all day easier and more pleasant.

• Tiger 1200 GT Pro from $30,790 rideaway
• Tiger 1200 GT Explorer from $33,390 rideaway
• Tiger 1200 Rally Pro from $32,490 rideaway
• Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer from $34,690 rideaway


Here’s the press release…

The Tiger 1200 family is even more advanced and refined for 2024
Updated T-Plane triple engine delivers more refinement and superior low-speed control
Enhanced all-day comfort for long-distance touring capability
Even more capability with increased cornering ground clearance on GT models
Active Preload Reduction across the range, giving up to 20mm seat height reduction
Tiger 1200 GT Pro from $30,790 rideaway
Tiger 1200 GT Explorer from $33,390 rideaway
Tiger 1200 Rally Pro from $32,490 rideaway
Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer from $34,690 rideaway
In store now

Triumph Motorcycles has revealed new features and enhancements for its Tiger 1200 family for 2024, making the range even more advanced and refined. The updates include further refinements to the engine, enhanced comfort and ergonomics, improved cornering ground clearance, reduced seat height with Active Preload Reduction and distinctive new colours.

Triumph’s 1160cc triple engine now delivers an even more refined riding experience, with superior low speed control, while retaining the exciting and unmistakable triple character from its T plane crank.

With changes to the crankshaft, alternator rotor and balancer to increase engine inertia, plus some associated engine calibration changes, the Triumph engineering team has been able to create a smoother and more precise low rev torque delivery. Customers will be able to feel the increased smoothness while accelerating or decelerating, especially at low speeds. An updated clutch design will also mean that riders experience a smoother engagement when changing into first gear.

Triumph has also enhanced the all-day comfort of the Tiger 1200 for customers looking for long-distance touring capability. The engine itself is now even smoother and more refined, thanks to a revised engine balancing strategy, which improves comfort through all the key rider touchpoints.

The dampened handlebars and risers, which have proven so popular in the Explorer models, have also been introduced to the GT Pro and Rally Pro, delivering a smoother ride with increased mirror visibility.

The rider seat has been re-designed with a flatter profile, providing more space for the rider which will help reduce fatigue on longer trips. The accessory low seat, which reduces the seat position by 20mm to give a lowest seat height of 830mm on the GT Pro and 855mm on the Rally Pro, has also been designed to be significantly more comfortable. A longer clutch lever has also been introduced, providing increased space for riders’ fingers adding further comfort especially on longer journeys.

Triumph has also increased the cornering ground clearance of the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer models, by lifting the footpeg positions and moving them closer to the bike. The new Active Preload Reduction feature, which was revealed in August 2023, offers the rider greater confidence by reducing the rear suspension preload as the Tiger 1200 slows to a stop, lowering the seat height by up to 20mm, simply by pressing the ‘Home’ button on the switch cube for one second.

The Tiger 1200 is now available in four variants, with new colours for 2024. The Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer, tailor made for the perfect road-focused adventure ride, are now available in eye-catching Carnival Red, as well as the previous options of Snowdonia White
and Sapphire Black. The Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer, perfect for an all-terrain adventure, are available in stylish new Matt Sandstorm, and Jet Black options, as well as the popular Matt Khaki.

Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent said: “The updates to the Tiger 1200 range for 2024 will deliver an even more refined ride, broadening its global appeal. While the current generation model has already made a big impact on this segment, more than doubling annual sales of the Tiger 1200 around the globe, our world-class engineering team is always looking for new ways to refine and enhance every model.

“By listening to customer feedback and integrating some of the new enhancements already revealed in the new Tiger 900, this range of updates come together to deliver a significant improvement to the riding experience.”

First launched in 2021, the latest generation Tiger 1200 was designed to be the world’s most capable, agile and manoeuvrable large capacity adventure motorcycle. Since then, the Tiger 1200 range has seen global sales success, and the Tiger 1200 GT Explorer with its 30 litre tank, was even the bike of choice for Enduro World Champion Ivan Cervantes when he took the Guinness World Records title for riding the greatest distance in 24 hours on a motorcycle.

Tiger 1200 GT family; tailor made for the perfect road-focused adventure ride, with 19” front and 18” rear cast aluminium wheels
Tiger 1200 GT Pro (20-litre tank)
Tiger 1200 GT Explorer (30-litre tank)
Tiger 1200 Rally family; tailor made for the perfect all-terrain adventure, with 21” front and 18” rear tubeless spoked wheels
Tiger 1200 Rally Pro (20-litre tank)
Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer (30-litre tank)

Dedicated wheel dimensions for enhanced capability tailored to the ride
21” front / 18” rear tubeless spoked set-up for off-road supremacy (Rally Pro & Rally Explorer)
19” front / 18” rear cast aluminium set-up for dynamic road riding capability (GT Pro & GT Explorer)
Large fuel tank capacities
20-litre (GT Pro & Rally Pro)
30-litre (GT Explorer & Rally Explorer)
Lightweight chassis and class-leading specification of equipment
Lightweight frame with bolt-on rear aluminium subframe and pillion hangers
Light and strong ‘tri-link’ swingarm
Category-leading Brembo Stylema® monobloc brakes plus optimised cornering ABS with IMU
Advanced Showa semi-active suspension set-up tuned for maximum road and off-road capability
Slim waist and compact overall design
Rider ergonomics designed for a comfortable and stable ride
Adjustable seat height, which can be lowered even further with an accessory low seat

150PS (110kW) at 9000rpm and 130Nm at 7000rpm
Unique T-plane triple crank with uneven firing order
Enhanced low-down tractability and responsiveness
Exciting and engaging mid-range to top-end response and feel
Characterful and distinctive soundtrack
Lightweight low maintenance shaft drive

Triumph Blind Spot Radar System, developed in partnership with Continental
(GT Explorer and Rally Explorer only)
Showa semi-active suspension set-up for dynamic rider control
7” TFT instruments with integrated My Triumph Connectivity System
Optimised Cornering Traction Control with IMU
Up to six riding modes
Keyless system, including ignition, steering lock and fuel cap
LED lighting with DRL, plus Adaptive Cornering Lights
Triumph Shift Assist as standard
Heated grips and seats (heated seats standard on GT Explorer & Rally Explorer only)
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (standard on GT Explorer & Rally Explorer only)
Hill Hold

50+ Genuine Triumph Accessories for capability, comfort, style, technology and protection
Full luggage systems – all hard luggage developed in partnership with Givi
Trekker panniers – moulded luggage, side/corner opening
52-litre Trekker twin helmet top box with upholstered passenger backrest
Expedition panniers – alloy luggage, top opening
42-litre Expedition top box with two-piece passenger backrest
Comprehensive protective range
Precision engineered tubular stainless-steel engine and tank protection
Heated seating options
Rider, pillion, standard height and low seat options
Triumph Sena Bluetooth communication system
Dedicated partnership with the leading motorcycle communication brand, Triumph Sena headset featuring a new Harman Kardon sound system

Three years/unlimited-kilometre warranty
High service intervals: 16,000km / 12 months
Competitively priced, starting from $30,790 rideaway for the Tiger 1200 GT Pro.