Customising 301

Roll ’em! Apart from a full-tilt flames and skulls paint job or stretching your forks, there isn’t much that’ll change the look of your ride so dramatically as a set of new wheels. But where […]



Bling! The latest from the US We know you’d like to be kept up to date, so we’ve asked veteran motorcycle writer Guido Ebert in the States to keep an eye out for some of […]


Boots’ VN2000

Karma custom You can almost feel Dwayne’s hoary fingers on your neck. He’s gonna get you, Boots I owe it all to Dwayne, whose second name I’ve forgotten, but who was a mate of a […]


The joy of chrome

What distinguishes the cruiser rider from his sports-riding and commuting peers? Apart from the smile and the laid-back attitude? That’s right, chrome… Just so you know, chromium is a first-period transition metal with the atomic […]


Suzuki M109R/C109R

Brothers-in-Arms How do Suzuki’s twin takes on the theme “extremely large cruiser” compare? The Germans have a wonderfully expressive term: Warmduscher, someone who showers in lukewarm water. I guess the expression is derived from Revelations […]


Yamaha Cruiser Range Ride

Tuning fork twang Virago 250, XVS650 Classic, XVS950A, XVS1100A Classic, XVS1300A, XV1900AS Roadliner Words: Stuart Woodbury Photos: Nick Wood Your response to our overview and comparison of the Kawasaki Cruiser range was so positive that […]