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Exile Cycles trikes

Russell Mitchell’s glam-punk customs Johnny Rotten and Billy Idol would be so proud How does a kid born in a small West England farming village get to be a white-blond, tattooed TV star and president […]

Cruiser Trikes

Harley-Davidson TriGlide

Three-Wheeling in Unzud Yes, we’ve ridden it. No, you can’t Yes, I can hear you all the way over here. “Why?” you’re asking, “Why oh why are we waiting? Where are our Harley-Davidson TriGlides, Bear?” […]

Cruiser Trikes


Astrid Campbell’s Harley Dyna Lowrider Will Be… The last trike out of here I’m a 48-year-old Ulyssian and love to ride. I started out in 2002 (late bloomer) on a Kwaka ZZR250 and after 35,000km […]

Cruiser Trikes

Heidi’s trike

Happy ending There is at least one very good reason for ordering a trike… Mick: “Hi, my name is Mick Fiora and I have been designing and building trikes for many years. About two years […]

Cruiser Trikes

Fiora machines

Exuberance is beauty Bill Blake knew what he was talking about… Mick Fiora built Heidi’s trike, which we featured in C+T Vol 1, #4. When we were putting that story together he also sent us […]

Cruiser Trikes

Spyders galore

Busy, busy at the launch of Can-Am’s latest Well, this is the end of my complaining about press junkets overseas. For years I’ve been sniping at The Bear and other writers for goofing off on […]

Cruiser Trikes

Simmo’s trike

Falling down? Here’s how to avoid that, according to Grahame “Simmo” Simpson I have always wanted a trike. Not exactly always, but for a long time. The wanting began when I realised that there was […]