Travel Stories

Cyrano French Restaurant

Mussle Frog He has a scooter as his official transport, and he knows his tucker. Listen to him Words: Bertrand Cadart/Peter Thoeming Photos: Francesco Marena/Lou Martin As Dame Edna Everage once pointed out, “whenever the […]

Travel Stories

Riding Japan

Low-speed sayonara Have you always wanted to go 285kp/h? You can, but not on your rental bike. Japan had not been high on my list of places to tour. But when an international group of […]

Travel Stories

The Yarra Valley

Borgundiscony Here’s a bit of everything for you Usually, I get left alone to decide what I’ll write about and when. Every now and then the Bear will nudge me in one direction or other […]

Travel Stories

Ah, Queensland

Perfect one day… …full of discriminatory legislation the next. We won’t go into detail about Queensland’s raft of what could be seen as anti-motorcycle legislation, but it’s hard to avoid the impression that it is […]

Travel Stories

Poatina Esses

Uphill battle Recently someone criticised the Bear for writing a story ‘that had nothing to do with motorcycling’. In response he wrote this. I am not a fisherman. I subscribe to the attitude expressed so […]

Travel Stories

Off-road encounter

Bushwacked! Off-road hero Robert Crick didn’t plan it that way but he and his roadbike went decidedly bush It started the day before. Heading down the road to Armidale from Grafton, I decided to divert […]