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Cyrano French Restaurant

Mussle Frog He has a scooter as his official transport, and he knows his tucker. Listen to him Words: Bertrand Cadart/Peter Thoeming Photos: Francesco Marena/Lou Martin As Dame Edna Everage once pointed out, “whenever the […]

Travel Stories

Riding Japan

Low-speed sayonara Have you always wanted to go 285kp/h? You can, but not on your rental bike. Japan had not been high on my list of places to tour. But when an international group of […]

Travel Stories

The Yarra Valley

Borgundiscony Here’s a bit of everything for you Usually, I get left alone to decide what I’ll write about and when. Every now and then the Bear will nudge me in one direction or other […]

Travel Stories

Ah, Queensland

Perfect one day… …full of discriminatory legislation the next. We won’t go into detail about Queensland’s raft of what could be seen as anti-motorcycle legislation, but it’s hard to avoid the impression that it is […]

Travel Stories

Poatina Esses

Uphill battle Recently someone criticised the Bear for writing a story ‘that had nothing to do with motorcycling’. In response he wrote this. I am not a fisherman. I subscribe to the attitude expressed so […]

Travel Stories

Born in the U.S.A.

They’ve got Elvis’ Harley down at the new museum, but the man on the stage was singing about the country today Born in the U.S.A. I was born in the U.S.A. Who better than Bruce […]

Travel Stories

Off-road encounter

Bushwacked! Off-road hero Robert Crick didn’t plan it that way but he and his roadbike went decidedly bush It started the day before. Heading down the road to Armidale from Grafton, I decided to divert […]