If you ride often, you need an everyday helmet, and the new AGV K3 is an excellent choice.

I’ve been lucky enough to have access to premium helmets over the year and yes, they are great — super-snug and ultra-aerodynamic lids for high-speed work on racetracks, modular for touring and peaked designs for adventure and off-road, but for commuting and general getting around, it’s hard to go past a decent full-face lid.

AGV’s K3 has long been a popular choice, but the new model has been built even better and I’m finding it to be excellent — easy to get on and off over my Bose headset (in-ear pods with Bluetooth and noise cancellation), easy to slide my glasses in, there’s a thick sun visor and Ultravision main visor… there’s little not to like about the K3.

It’s jinxed though, with five of the first six rides I used it for copping at least a shower of rain, but those rides proved it seals well and doesn’t soak up water from around the neck roll like some helmets. Fogging hasn’t been an issue because this is all happening during the warmer months of the year, but there’s an included Pinlock anti-fog insert and chin-mount wind protector for the colder months anyway.

Mine is called the Birdy 2 ($429) and I reckon it looks awesome, taking decades off my appearance… it’s one colour scheme of 14 different versions available, priced from $399 to $469.

AGV has been wind tunnel testing the new K3 and claims it’s been built to have no dynamic weight at 130km/h, so that means reduced pressure and more comfort. Its construction is High Resistance Thermoplastic in three different shell sizes, which means the Multi-Density EPS (the part between the lining and the outer shell) has only needed to be developed in four sizes, although the helmet itself is available in seven sizes. To create a perfect fit, the cheek pads are fully interchangeable between sizes.

I’m super-impressed with the K3. It’s a lovely helmet I can wear all day yet is available for under $400… great value. – NP

Check out the AGV K3 on the AGV website…