Motorcycle Safety Forum moves online

The Australian Motorcycle Council is participating on a series of online international motorcycle safety workshops this month, and there are public sessions.

Here’s more info from the AMC’s press release:

The Australian Motorcycle Council is participating in a series of international motorcycle safety workshops being held in June.

The online event is being hosted by the transport arm of the OECD, the International Transport Forum, in conjunction with the Swedish Transport Administration.

The invitation-only event of 150 participants was originally due to be hosted in Stockholm, in June 2020. With the advent of COVID-19, the Stockholm workshop was initially postponed to June 2021. Early this year it became apparent that an in- person global event would not be possible, so the format was redesigned into a series of online workshops.

AMC chairman Shaun Lennard has been invited to participate in the sessions on road infrastructure, road management and speed management taking place on 17 June.

“The idea of making roads safer for motorcycles is not new,” Mr Lennard said.

“There are some great ideas we have either been talking about, or have seen in practice, for more than ten years. But things continue to be largely ad hoc.”

“One good example is the Austroads Guide Infrastructure Improvements to Reduce Motorcycle Casualties. This was prepared and released in 2016. The AMC was closely involved with the development of the guide, and it contains best-practice information. But five years later, it’s still not a default reference point for most Australian road authorities. It should be. I aim to speak about this at the workshop.”

“This workshop also builds on the ITF’s similar event in Lillehammer, Norway, in 2008. One thing missing from Lillehammer, though, was the follow-up and a commitment to actions that are supported by the motorcycle community. Addressing this is also a focus for 2021.”

The forum opens on Wednesday 9 June, with two sessions open for public viewing.

“With online events, you unfortunately miss those important networking and informal conversations,” Mr Lennard continued.

“However, the digital and COVID world we live in these days can provide some greater opportunities, too.”

“Anyone can stream into the two opening sessions on 9 and 10 June, and we’d encourage people to do so.”

The opening session at 10.00pm AEST on 9 June will include presentations by Mr Jorge Viegas, president of the FIM, and Mr Rakesh Sharma, president of the International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association.