AGV Sport Modular Carbon is a joy to behold

A modular at 1295gm? Yes, it's true.

Modular lids are not my favourite. I reckon you look like a bit of a pelican in them. I always said that I’d start using one (because I totally get how handy they are) when they stopped looking like an early prototype from NASA. Well, here we are.

The AGV Sport Modular Carbon is a beautifully put-together thing, all swoopy spotless carbon and super-quality fittings. In short, the miracle here is that it will fool all your mates into thinking it’s a full, integrated jobbie. In reality, however, it allows ease of access and serenity only grandpas and Buddhists (don’t see many Buddhist motorcyclists, come to think of it) have hitherto enjoyed.

You’ll feel the sting of that price, there’s no getting around that, but you’ll forget all about it when you feel how light this thing is. Fair dinkum, it’s just 1295gm.

“What? A modular at 1295gm? Surely you jest, Snagarooney!” I hear you exclaim. Yes, it’s true.

I feel heavy helmets on a big ride. Big time. And that’s the single best thing about the Sport Modular.

It is very light indeed. I love the integrated sunglasses (I’m notoriously hard on sunnies) and it is, without doubt, the quietest helmet I’ve ever worn, truth. Lotsa quid, class kit. You decide.

I already have.

RRP: $999
Sizes: XS-2XL