Ducati Adventure Riding Experience

Ducati Adventure Riding Experience

Ducati Australia announces its new and exciting D-A-R-E program powered by Motor School

The program has been developed to enhance the off-road riding experience of Ducati owners and enthusiasts. Geared essentially to the adventurer and explorer, the program boasts 2 levels of training to ensure riders have the adequate skills to master their Ducati in a variety of terrain. The program is designed to assist owner’s progress from a basic level of riding skill, to a level of competency and confidence that after Level 1 they are equipped to start building on their skills base to gain a true relationship with their machine.

LEVEL 1: This is where riders find out that they can learn a lot and have great fun at the same time. Apart from learning about the outstanding features of their chosen Ducati, they will also learn tips tricks and techniques for; Pre ride inspections, bike setup, electronics overview and settings, Clutch throttle / brake control, fore and aft and side to side balance, Active and passive riding styles, ascents and descents, hill starts using cycle technology.

The course will be scaled based on the group’s riding skills and experience and will end with a nature ride incorporating all aspects of the level 1 course.

LEVEL 2: Advanced level Program where the adventure begins The level 2 program will see riders moving into more challenging terrain with the emphasis on higher level riding skills and techniques. The hills get bigger, the tracks tighter and the enjoyment levels are measured in smiles. Level 2 prepares riders for extended expeditions with training on cornering and braking techniques for unsealed surfaces. These techniques and skills will ensure a safer adventure when away from civilisation. As the degree of difficulty increases throughout the day so does the riders enjoyment as they start to dial in the settings on their bike and rider to maximise their capability and enjoyment.

The program covers off on packing and maintaining the bike on long treks and a variety of tips relevant to adventure bike touring on a Ducati. The program is offered in QLD, NSW and Victoria, where a range of DUCATI motorcycles will be available for use on the programs. The programs are not open to other motorcycle makes and models and are exclusive to Ducati owners and enthusiasts. An additional feature to be launched are the D-A-R-E expeditions, which allows owners to test their skills in real world riding situations whilst appreciating some of the amazing country on offer. D-A-R-E will offer treks ranging from 2 days to 10 days with an annual expedition.

The expeditions will be fully supported, with our 4wd truck to cater to all your expedition needs. The D-A-R-E program is powered by Motor School, a registered training organisation with over 23years industry experience. Director of Motor School George Foessel comes to the program with an impressive resume in the field of Motor Cycle Training. In the late 1980’s George operated a private motorcycle training centre catering to learners through to advanced riding, as well as Cape York Treks. In addition, he was a Police motorcyclist for many years and a member of the Police Motor Cycle Display team. He later became a facilitator at the QLD Police Driver Training Unit engaged to facilitate the Police Service Trail Bike and Patrol bike programs. He was later promoted to the rank of Sergeant-In-Charge developing a range of specialised programs for the Police Service. This knowledge and experience adds additional value to the D-A-R-E Program. Apart from his extensive outback experience and knowledge, George also has an adventure bike in Germany and regularly undertakes Adventure bike treks throughout France, Italy, Germany and other stunning parts of Europe. George has handpicked an expert team of Instructors who have years of Adventure bike experience.

The program is based on extensive knowledge and experience in the training sector and is sure to impress even the most accomplished of riders. George Foessel says “This is one of the most exciting projects I have been involved with for many years. I am a Ducati owner and have an absolute passion for Adventure bike riding and all the experiences that come with it. I have developed this program to ensure that it is a safe and enjoyable experience for new adventurers and to ensure that they fully understand how to combine riding techniques with state of the art safety technology to have the ability to get out and see this great world in safety. I really look forward to show casing the capability, reliability and durability of the amazing DUCATIS.”

Future plans will see D-A-R-E run a hard core expedition for the adventure bike riders who will travel self-sufficient and unsupported. This is the ideal step before heading off on your around the world adventure. With Ducati’s expanding range of Adventure, Travel and Crossover capable models; the D-A-RE program offers owners of these models, as well as customers considering one of the models, the opportunity to really experience them off-road.

“Our range of off-road orientated models is really expanding.” says Warren Lee, CEO – DUCATI Australia. “I know from my life-long personal experience of off-road racing and riding, that adventure touring is simply one of best and most enjoyable ways see the world; whether it’s just for a day, the weekend or longer. Depending what a rider may be seeking, through D-A-R-E we can now complement our products with riding training, trek and expedition experiences. We’re very excited to be supporting George and his team and opening up the off-road and adventure world for our customers.”

The current range of Adventure, Travel and Crossover models in the DUCATI range include;

– Multistrada 1200 Enduro

– Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak

– Multistrada 1200 and 1200 S

– Multistrada 950

– Scrambler Desert Sled

– Scrambler Urban Enduro

To find out more, head to www.d-a-r-e.com.au