Million dollar blaze. 50 classic motorcyles lost.

Photo: Adelaide Advertiser

Last week we learned via major news media that prominent South Australian vintage motorcycle collector and philanthropist, Geoff Grant, lost his entire collection of some 50 classic motorcycles along with personal effects when his shed burned to the ground at his home in Callington on July 27.

“This last week has been probably one of the worse weeks in both Geoff and my lives,” said Geoff’s partner Barbara Kowal in a public Facebook post, “The interstate motorbike family has just been amazing, again offers as far away as Victoria, NSW and Queensland to come help in any way they can, from help with cleanup to a place to stay if we need to get away.
Losing our shed and our precious collections is heartbreaking but it has made us stronger and it has also shown us, with the help of so many friends, that we are lucky in so many way…. We can’t thank you all enough xx”

We hope that Geoff and Barbara can salvage something from the ashes. Already the vintage motorcycle community are offering help and advice on rebuilding from the frames.

One of the events Geoff and Barabara are involved in is the MRA Christmas Toy Run, which will go ahead as planned, albeit with some key items missing.


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