Lighter, more compact and more torque: 2024 R 1300 GS

BMW has aimed for better capabilities all-round rather than a huge increase in performance with its new open-calls adventure bike, the R 1300 GS.


Yes, the capacity is up and so is the power, but the bike is 12kg lighter and BMW’s engineers have made huge efforts to centralise the mass so the bike handles not just better, but is easier to handle, especially when conditions get tough.

The motor is effectively all-new: the gearbox now sits under the crankshaft to raise up the cylinders yet lower the centre of gravity and reduce the length of the engine. The bore has been increased and the stroke reduced so bigger valves can be employed in an effort to increase torque across the rev range (not just peak torque) without making a physically bigger engine.


“The centrepiece is once again the legendary two-cylinder boxer engine. Its new design is more compact than ever before thanks to a gearbox located under the engine and a new camshaft drive arrangement. From exactly 1 300 cc it produces an output of 107 kW (145 hp) at 7 750 rpm, developing a maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6 500 rpm. This makes it by far the most powerful BMW boxer engine ever to be produced in series.

“With the new BMW R 1300 GS we will once again take the competition by surprise. It is defined by an even broader spread of product substance, while the reduction in complexity and vehicle weight, combined with focused equipment, enable the essence of the boxer GS to be showcased even more strikingly. With a new engine, outstanding handling and impressive ride qualities, it will set the pace both on and off the road,” – Thilo Fuchs, Head of Water-cooled Boxer Models.”


Significant changes have been made to the suspension and chassis, too.

“At the centre of the new suspension is the sheet metal shell main frame made of steel, which in addition to being significantly optimised in terms of installation space also offers higher levels of stiffness than the predecessor model. For the rear frame, the previous tubular steel structure has now been replaced with a die-cast aluminium construction. The new EVO Telelever front wheel guide with flex element and the revised EVO Paralever rear wheel guide also provide even greater steering precision and ride stability.”

BMW’s catching up with the competition in one area – adaptive vehicle height (automatic lowering of the seat when you come to a stop, available on the competition for a few years) is coming to the GS.


Adaptive cruise control makes an appearance, there are numerous riding modes, sports suspension is an option, various colour schemes will be available.

Check out the gallery of images below.

Pricing and availability hasn’t been announced yet.

Quotes are from the press kit, as is the following:

The highlights of the new BMW R 1300 GS:
• Completely newly designed boxer engine with bottom-mounted gearbox and BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve timing and valve stroke on the intake side.
• Most powerful BMW boxer engine ever.
• Powerful response across the entire engine speed range,
exemplary fuel consumption, emission levels, running
smoothness and refinement.
• Output and torque: 107 kW (145 hp) at 7 750 rpm and
149 Nm at 6 500 rpm.
• Knock sensor system for optimised travel suitability.
• Completely redesigned suspension with sheet metal shell main
frame and die-cast aluminium rear frame. Even greater steering precision and ride stability thanks to new EVO Telelever with flex element and revised rear wheel guide EVO Paralever.
• Weight reduction of 12 kg compared to the previous model.
• BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro as standard.
• Four riding modes as standard.
• Engine Drag Torque Control (MSR), Dynamic Brake Assist
(DBC) and Hill Start Control (HSC) as standard.
• Riding Modes Pro with additional riding modes as optional
equipment ex works.
• Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard.
• Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) as optional equipment ex works, with dynamic adjustment of the damping and spring rate, and also load compensation.
• Adaptive vehicle height control and sports suspension as optional equipment ex works.
• New matrix LED headlamp as standard.
• Headlight Pro with adaptive turning light as optional equipment
ex works.
• Hand protectors with integrated turn indicators as standard.
• Lithium-ion battery with Battery Guard (service function via
BMW Motorrad APP) as standard.
• Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) with brake function as standard.
• Riding Assistant with Active Cruise Control (ACC),
Front Collision Warning (FCW) and
Lane Change Warning (SWW) for safe and convenient motorcycling as optional equipment.
• Smartphone charging compartment with integrated USB socket and additional 12 V on-board power socket as standard.
• Seat heating for rider and passenger for enhanced touring suitability as optional equipment ex works.
• Handlebar riser by up to 30 mm as optional equipment ex works.
• Wide range of seat height variants as optional equipment ex works.
• Connectivity: multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen and numerous features as standard.
• RDC, Keyless Ride, heated grips as standard.
• Intelligent Emergency Call as optional equipment ex works.
• Attractive basic variant along with the model variants
Triple Black, GS Trophy and Option 719 Tramuntana.
• Extensive range of optional equipment, Original BMW Motorrad

Increased range of standard equipment in the new BMW R 1300 GS compared to the previous model:
• Heated grips.
• Keyless Ride (steering, ignition and fuel tank lock).
• RDC.
• MSR.
• BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro.
• Cruise control DCC with brake function.
• LiO starter battery.
• Hand protectors with integrated turn indicators.