MV Agusta Rush: limited edition extreme naked

(Edited from the press release)

Only 300 examples of the ultra-naked MV Agusta Rush will be built. Described as a state-of-the art ultra naked, this is MV’s most amazing naked ever.

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For 2021, Rush gets a number of updates that make it even sportier but also safer to use on the road. This bike is unrivalled on the market and comes with an equally exclusive kit to further heighten its performance and aesthetics.

It’s powered by an inline-four with radial valves and titanium connecting rods. Having undergone continual technological development, it takes another step in 2021, with new components that reduce internal friction. The extremely high-performance engine uses sophisticated materials and flaunts record-breaking power for a 1000 cc naked, delivering 208 HP at 13,000 rpm. Timing is updated, with the introduction of new cam phasing designed to offer more favourable torque at low/medium revs without detracting from the intense drive and acceleration that has always distinguished this engine. The use of a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating for the surfaces of the valve buckets cuts down on friction and improves reliability. 

The addition of new primary drive gearing helps reduce friction between the gears, while the clutch system has been strengthened to improve reliability, especially during the extreme starts guaranteed by Launch Control, while the third generation EAS 3.0 electronic gearbox has a new sensor for more precise shifting and more comfortable insertion. The four-exit exhaust, an unmistakeable MV Agusta trademark, is more eye-catching than ever on the Rush, its main collector boasting an updated structure that emphasises the unique sound of the four-cylinder.

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The 2021 MV Agusta Rush electronics package continues to reach new evolutionary heights. The new IMU inertial platform allows for the real-time identification of the bike’s position in space, supplying very precise data to the ECU to swiftly manage every command. 

Thanks to this new platform, the traction and FLC wheelie controls allow the rider to take advantage of every ounce of the bike’s power while staying extremely safe. MV Agusta has developed minimally invasive, high-performance commands that showcase the bike’s acceleration ability, with an FLC that doesn’t ‘cut off’ the wheelie but controls it. The ABS boasts a new Continental MK100 module complete with cornering function to ensure ultimate braking control even at an angle. The 5.5” TFT display offers all kinds of information and is able to communicate with the MV Ride app, a real command centre that lets the user customise every aspect of the bike directly from their smartphone while also offering more ‘traditional’ functions, such as recording and sharing itineraries. Thanks to its mirroring function, the dashboard can be used as a navigator with turn-by-turn directions. Every function can be quickly accessed and navigated via the joystick on the left block.  

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Extreme, compact, very lightweight and featuring an unmistakeable forged rear wheel with lenticular disc, the chassis of the MV Agusta Rush has always topped the hyper naked segment. Now, a few targeted structural updates make it even more drivable ‹‹ 04 

The electronically-controlled Öhlins EC suspension is fully adjustable to maximise rider feeling and comfort and improves load transfer control and the ability to dampen any unevenness, making the 2021 Rush an even more efficient bike. The full Brembo braking system with radial master cylinder and Stylema callipers is simply state of the art. 

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