New adventure gear for H-D Pan America

A full range of rider attire is launched to coincide with Harley-Davidson's new adventure bike

Looking at all the exciting photographs of Harley-Davidson’s new Pan America adventure bike, the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a certain similarity in the riders’ attire.

Grit is H-D's new 'mid-tier' range.
Grit is H-D’s new ‘mid-tier’ range. (supplied)

That’s right. In conjunction with the release of this ground-breaking, all-new Harley-Davidson, The Motor Company has partnered with European apparel specialist REV’IT! to create a new range of adventure wear for the anticipated crush of new owners – a prediction that shows all the signs of being realised

In fact, there are two ranges of riding kit to match the Pan America: Passage and Grit. And yes, there are men’s and women’s in both.

The ‘top-tier’ Passage jacket and pants are described as “rugged, comfortable and waterproof.” As you would expect. The shell is lined with breathable Hyrdratex® 3L membrane technology to keep out the cold and wet with commensurate abrasion and tear resistance.

The premium Passage jacket and pants are rugged, comfortable and waterproof. (supplied)
The premium Passage jacket and pants are rugged, comfortable and waterproof. (supplied)

The ‘mid-tier’ Grit kit is designed for year-round use, with the jacket and pants featuring removable thermal and waterproof liners.

Most importantly, inner armour comprises REV’IT! Seeflex CE Level 2 protection in both shoulders and elbows in the jacket and at hips and knees on the pants. Additionally, a back protector insert of the same material offers extra protection.

Both sets are not limited to just jackets and pants. Gloves, boots and helmets complete this comprehensive ensemble.

The helmets are full face from J-Tech with the Passage (J10) made of composite materials, while the Grit (J09) is polycarbonate. Both are fully compliant of course and come with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Gravel Outdry Boots are interchangeable between Passage and Grit and are rugged, waterproof and breathable. Certified to EN13634:2017. The matching women’s boot is the REV’IT! Quest H2O.

Finally, to complete our fit-out, there is a distinctive pair of gloves for both Passage and Grit. The Passage is a full leather waterproof gauntlet, while the lightweight Grit is billed as “cool, comfortable, protected” and will suit our mixed conditions, especially for those hotter rides.

By the time you read this, the adventure wear will be starting to appear in H-D dealers so you can see it for yourself. As you’ve probably guessed, this isn’t cheap kit with the Passage premium jacket nudging $1400, but you can be assured H-D won’t be compromising quality when so much is at stake with this great leap into a new market.

Links for more info:

Grit Jacket Mens: RRP $956.51

Grit Pants Mens: RRP $565.20

Passage Jacket Mens: RRP $1391.28

Passage Adventure Pant Mens: RRP $956.51

All adventure gear on the HD Australia website.