Is this the Pit (Jacket)?


While we’re on the subject of looking like really old people, waxed cotton/oilskin garments traditionally have been a popular choice for the vintage and classic motorcyclists because of their durability, excellent water resistant qualities and authentic styling. That’s the garments, not the riders.

They actually date back as far as the turn of the 20th century when sailors discovered that ship sails could be waterproofed by coating them with linseed and whale (just the thing if you own a Japanese bike) oil. The Pit Crew range is still proudly being manufactured and produced right here in Australia and maintains its rugged and classic appeal. These include the original Pit Crew jacket, the three-quarter length Vintage Rally Jacket (as shown), classic oilskin jeans and dilly shoulder bags. They are made of 100 per cent cotton impregnated with paraffin wax and using the Dri-Tec oilskin process that was developed in
Australia to withstand our harsh conditions. And, of course, they are dyed using the most environmentally friendly process commercially available.

The Pit Crew Vintage Rally Jacket costs $289 and is available from Motociclo, 95-97 Princes Hwy, St Peters, NSW, 2044, (02) 9557 7234, or