OzSTOC hosted the largest Australian gathering of STs ever, and the clubs still growing!

OzSTOC’s massive ST party

The Australian ST Owners Club (OzSTOC) hosted over 100 people on its annual rally last weekend, when the largest local gathering of Honda ST1100 and ST1300s congregated in Toowoomba, Queensland. OzSTOC has grown exponentially in […]

ARR blog - summer rain

Summer Rain

The sky was almost black behind me and I reckoned my timing was pretty good. I’d be under shelter before the storm hit. Thousands of others wouldn’t be. Over 2000 riders and pillions had left […]

ARR blog - heading home

Heading Home

It’s always good to go away, but it’s just as good to come home. I’m always reminded of this truism. The reminder rarely comes the moment I turn the handlebars for home again. It always […]